Secondary Cooling System

For fouling prevention

   In order to prevent corrosion, scale and slime, conventional methods of water treatment using chemicals have prevailed. However, because of recent wide-spread use of engineering plastics whose melting points are higher than previous materials used, conventional water treatment is no longer sufficient.
   Functional Fluids developed the secondary cooling system as a new control method for cooling water in injection molding processes, which still satisfies today‚Äôs requirement for highly efficient cooling processes. Our new system has evoked great response in the field of mold injection.

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【Fig-01 Comparison of cooling system】

Secondary cooling system

   The secondary cooling system consists of two water-circulating loops: one is the cooling tower loop (the primary cooling water) and the other is the machine cooling-water (the secondary cooling water). The former loop provides cooling water to the UWT Cooling Unit from the cooling tower and the latter enclosed loop provides water to molds, chillers, molding machines and temperature regulators.
   The UWT Cooling Unit has been developed in order to introduce the Secondary Cooling System easily. All you need to introduce the Secondary Cooling System are integrated into the UWT Cooling Unit. You can convert the exiting cooling system into the secondary cooling system only by connection of plumbing.

This "Techono-Review" consists of 2 pages>>
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