UWT Cooling Unit (Secondary Cooling System)

For all manufacturing systems where cooling water is used

Our products make it possible to use cooling water of the equal quality everywhere in the world.

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Secondary cooling systemthat leads to trouble-free cooling water,
stable manufacturing processes and energy saving.

■ Patented No.3927188

【Main specifications】
Device typeHeat exchanger unitLine to machinesDimensions (WxLxHmm) Tank capacity (t)Water volume to machines (L/min)
UWT-250WHX2 lines2 lines1,100x1,600x2,4341.0250 (250--500)
UWT-300WHX2 lines2 lines1,650x2,200x2,4341.0300 (300--1,000)
UWT-1000WHX2 lines2 lines1,650x3,100x2,4342.01,000 (1,000--2,000)
UWT-2000WHX2 lines2 lines1,650x3,115x2,4343.02,000 (2,000--3,000)

● The power of heat exchanger and pumps are customized.
● Abalable for the special design.

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This introduction consists of 7 pages>>
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