Best FR (Flow Rate Controller)

Best FR optimizes mold temperature

By controlling flow rate in each water pore of mold, optimize the temperature of every part of mold.

Best FR controls flow rate of up to 5 lines

Precise setting of flow rate is possible by its numerical understanding shown on digital display.

Best FR realizes precision, stabile and high-speed production by keeping adequate mold temperature

Efficient cooling shortens cycle time.

Best FR purges air from mold water

Air vent valves continuously purge residual air which is the major cause of corrosion.

Compact and flexible

Best FR is assembled by several units according to each specification of mold. Mounting and shifting is quick and easy by use of magnet attachment.

【Image of system set up】

Conventional method: Water flows in pores of mold in series
Unable to adjust flow rate in each pore resulting incomplete temperature control.

Flow control by Best FR: Separated 5 lines
Able to flow adequate amount of water which leads to ideal temperature control.

【Image of system set up】

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