Functional Fluids

Functional Fluids promotes the optimization of production environments by pursuing the functionality of water and air

   Amidst the growing diversification and sophistication of technologies and materials, numerous pieces of equipment are arranged into complicated systems through the exchange of heat in production environments.
   Water as a heat medium plays an important role in determining the performance of production systems like these. Functional Fluids has continued to develop for many years units and systems that eliminate the obstacles originating in water so as to improve product accuracy and productivity through the highly efficient transfer of heat. In the process, we have gained a strong reputation as a specialist in cooling water management and heat transfer.
   Moreover, in recent years, we have developed units that utilize air as a medium and supported further improvements to product accuracy and stable quality from the grand perspective of optimizing the production environment.
   Functional Fluids is helping customers to improve production technologies by enhancing the functionality of water and air, and revolutionizing their production environments.


■ Company name: Functional Fluids Ltd.
■ Head office: 5th Fl., Chiyoda Bldg. Annex, 1-4-5, Utsubohonmachi, Nishi-Ku, Osaka, 550-0004  Japan
■ Establishment: June 5, 1984
■ Capital: JPY24,000,000.
■ President: Keiko Fujioka
■ East Japan office: 202, Kawaguchi-Honcho Coop, 4-5-1, Honcho, Kawaguchi City, Saitama, 332-0012  Japan
■ Factory, R&D: 208-12, Yamaguchi, Kato City, Hyogo, 673-1471  Japan


■ Manufacturing, sales and installing of secondary cooling system
■ Manufacturing and sales of anti-rusting coolants, anti-rusting chemicals and anealer
■ Manufacturing and sales of devices for optimizing the production environment
■ Manufacturing and sales of devices for optimizing the machining proccess
■ Technical consulting for cooling system, heat exchange system and production environment

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Showroom (Inside the head office)

Yashiro Factory

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Fouling of Cooling Water System
Secondary Cooling System
Energy Saving
Deoxidization Anti-Rusting
Suitable Temperature, Suitable Amount
UWT Cooling Unit (Secondary Cooling System)
O2-Free Air (Anti-Rusting Device for Cooling Water Using Deoxidization)
Nitrogen Separator (Nitrogen Separator Using Gas Separation Membrane)
O-N Separator (Compact Nitrogen Separator)
RO-Water 800 (Industrial Water Purifier)
Plas Humid (Humidity Controller)
Best FR (Flow Rate Controller)